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Are your students struggling to write well-organized paragraphs? Paragraph of the Week, a weekly paragraph writing practice system, will provide your students with LOTS of practice opportunities in writing well-organized paragraphs in a fun and enjoyable way.

Includes 20 Narrative, 20 Informational, and 20 Opinion Writing Prompts

Each Paragraph of the Week activity includes…

βœ” a unique prompt (designed to only be one paragraph, but could easily be extended if desired). 

βœ” a reminder section (You can EDIT to add your own reminders)

βœ” a brainstorming section for collecting ideas.

βœ” a space for students to write a final draft of their paragraph. (on the back) SAVE PAPER!

This resource also comes with…

βœ” a Digital Version created in Google Slides

βœ” a "Printer Friendly" version of ALL sheets

βœ” optional drafting pages for students to use when writing their 1st and 2nd draft (3 versions to choose from)

βœ” a revising and editing checklist on the 1st and 2nd draft pages

βœ” a rubric to use when grading your students' writing

βœ” a template to make your own Paragraph of the Week Activities

It's EDITABLE! The text in this resource is fully editable in PowerPoint (PDF also included). This means you can change any wording on any page to fit the needs of your students.

What Teachers Are Saying...

"What a practical way to squeeze in some focused writing practice! I have students glue them into a notebook...left side prompt and brainstorming, right side rough copy on loose leaf paper that gets stapled on top of the rough draft. organized and easy to see progress!"

~ Jennifer M.

"I have used this for 3 weeks now with my class and I am already seeing improvements! I was looking for a way to incorporate some creative writing into all the common core, reading response writing tasks that don't allow for very much creativity- this is EXACTLY what I was looking for! I can't live without it now. Thank you for creating such a wonderful resource!"

~ Victoria C.

"Excellent resource for homework. My 4th grade pull out class loves these writing prompts. They are very creative and I am receiving some very interesting responses. Purchase is worth every cent"

~ Ali B.
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Stop spending time searching for the perfect informational texts to teach Text Structures! This Nonfiction Text Structure Resource Bundle is a complete pack of HIGH-INTEREST resources to help you fully teach, practice, and assess the five main text structures; Cause and Effect, Compare and Contrast, Problem and Solution, Chronological/Sequence, AND Description.

This Resource Includes: (comes in PDF format and Google Apps)

βœ” 6 Student Notes Pages (TEACH) - For introducing each text structure, use these half-sheet student notes pages. Perfect for gluing in reading notebooks. Includes a completed version and a version where students can fill-in the notes. (Separate examples are included for Chronological Order & Sequence)

βœ” 11 Student Practice Activities (PRACTICE) - For each Text Structure, you will get TWO passages and TWO activities for students to complete. Each activity asks students to fill in a graphic organizer, identify clue words, and explain why the author wrote the passage. (3 passages are included for Chronological/Sequence)

βœ” 6 Paired Passage Activities (PRACTICE)- These passages are perfect for comparing text structures on the SAME TOPIC. Each page includes a passage about "bullying" and asks students to identify the text structure and compare it with a different "bullying" passage. (One passage per text structure; Separate examples are included for Chronological Order & Sequence)

βœ”A Mixed Review Activity/Game (PRACTICE) - This activity includes 15 passage cards and an organizer chart for students to fill in as they read the passages. Students are asked to identify the text structure of each passage and provide evidence for their decision. I like to have students complete this activity as an "end of unit" review before the test. They can complete this with a partner, in small groups, independently, or as a whole class game!

βœ”Anchor Chart - Describes each text structure and gives clue words to look for. You can recreate the anchor chart on large chart paper if needed. I also include a blank chart for students to fill out in their notebook.

βœ”A Unit Assessment (ASSESS) (with answer key) - The test covers all five text structures and some basic comprehension skills. There are 37 questions and 6 passages.

βœ”Answer Keys included for ALL Activities!!!

βœ”Teaching Tips - on how to use each part of this resource!

βœ”PROFESSIONALLY Written Passages - ALL passages were written by professional authors and are on high-interest topics.

What Teachers Are Saying...

"No Prep = love. Love that the student note pages are small enough to fit in their composition notebooks. The practice pages are engaging and students can do them independently."

~ Emily G.

"This is such a phenomenal resource! Sometimes, it is difficult to find articles or books that demonstrate the different text structures. This resource eliminates that problem completely! Thank you for creating this!"

~ Rachel S.

"I LOVE this resource! It is a very thorough unit with everything you need to teach text structure well. My students loved the Name that Text Structure activity. We turned it into a game."

~ Patricia E.
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Are you looking for ready-to-go reading response activities that will help your students improve their comprehension? Make your reading centers and guided reading lessons effective and stress-free with these reading activities. They are so much more than just graphic organizers. Simply pair any of these sheets with a Nonfiction OR Fiction text, and you have an instant activity for your students! It's that simple!

This resource includes...

  • 44 Fiction and Nonfiction Reading Activity Sheets that can be used during Literacy Centers and/or Guided Reading. These activity sheets were created to align with the Common Core Standards, and are meant to reinforce “good” reading strategies.
  • A PDF version and a fully editable version of each page in PowerPoint
  • A GOOGLE Slides version that is ready to be used with Google Classroom (formatted for students to type on the pages)
  • An ANCHOR CHART version of each sheet with directions on how to print poster-size pages. 

Non-Fiction Skills/Strategies Include:

βœ” KWL Chart

βœ” Asking Questions

βœ” Previewing Vocabulary

βœ” Previewing the Text

βœ” Making Inferences

βœ” Text Features

βœ” Main Idea and Supporting Details

βœ” Identifying Topic Sentences and Supporting Details

βœ” Text Structure: Chronological Order

βœ” Text Structure: Compare and Contrast (2 versions)

βœ” Text Structure: Cause and Effect (3 versions)

βœ” Text Structure: Problem and Solution

βœ” Writing a Summary

βœ” Using Context Clues

βœ” Fact vs. Opinion

βœ” Analyzing Different Points of View in a Text

βœ” Reflecting on a Text

βœ” Comparing Two Texts

βœ” Reasons & Evidence


Fiction Skill/Strategies Included:

βœ” Making Inferences

βœ” Theme

βœ” Analyzing Characters' Actions

βœ” Write a Summary

βœ” Analyzing the Setting

βœ” Analyzing Characters

βœ” Comparing Characters

βœ” Comparing Texts

βœ” Using Context Clues

βœ” Analyzing Similes & Metaphors

βœ” Point of View & Perspective

βœ” What's the Main Idea

βœ” Elements of Fiction

βœ” Problem & Solution (2 sheets)

βœ” Cause & Effect (2 sheets)

βœ” Sequence of Events

βœ” Beyond the Text

βœ” Making Connections

βœ” Making Predictions

βœ” Visualizing

What Teachers Are Saying...

"This resource was extremely helpful! I used it multiple times over the past several years. My students were engaged throughout, and it gave me a solid reference point to check comprehension and reading fluency."

~ Christin M.

"Very versatile resource. This can be used with any text or any unit that we are studying. I can leave an activity for students to complete with a sub or in small group. They can also be used for independent activities. I've used them with our basal, learning magazines, and my novel studies."

~ Rachael C.

"These graphic organizers are exactly what I need for reading. The way it's organized by fiction and nonfiction is such a huge time saver. I also love how uncluttered the graphics are so as to not take away from the focus of the activity. Really well-made and organized resource. Thank you!"

~ Ammylou D.
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This Figurative Language Unit is the perfect way to teach all 8 Types of Figurative Language in a fun and engaging way! Your students will learn about Metaphors, Similes, Idioms, Hyperboles, Imagery, Personification, Onomatopoeias, and Alliteration.

This Resource Includes:

βœ” 8 Student Note and Practice Pages (1 for each type of figurative language): Each page includes a brief description, examples, a poem, and practice questions. Answer key is included. (Digital Version included)

βœ” A PowerPoint Presentation to go along with the Student Notes pages (17 slides) (this includes descriptions and examples of each figurative language and the poems). This was designed to be used in the front of the class, while students have their note pages in front of them. (same poems as student notes) (Digital Version included)

βœ” A Review Game: Includes 32 figurative language cards, and 8 heading cards. I include directions for 3 ways to use these cards with your students (independent, with a partner, or whole class)

βœ” A 30 question Test: This test includes 8 matching, 16 multiple choice, and 6 short answer questions. Answer key is included. (Digital Version included)

This Unit Covers the Following Types of Figurative Language:

  • Simile
  • Metaphor
  • Idiom
  • Hyperbole
  • Imagery
  • Personification
  • Onomatopoeia
  • Alliteration

What Teachers Are Saying...

"Figurative language is a very tough component of the elements of poetry. However, this resource made my kids more confident when dealing with figurative language in poetry."

~ Garza M.

"Since I teach figurative language and then poetry, I loved that this resource sort of linked these two units in a very concrete and easy for the students to grasp way!"

~ Catherine R.

"I spend a lot of time teaching figurative language and poetry to my 4th graders in the library. This is one of the best resources I've used! Great examples for the students. Thank you!"

~ Jessica S.
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This paragraph writing resource bundle has everything you need to teach your students how to write a well-organized paragraph in any type of expository (nonfiction) writing.

Why Use a "BURGER" to Teach Writing?

This analogy, or way of explaining paragraph structure, makes this concept easier for students to understand as it makes an abstract concept more concrete. I have had great success with this in my classroom. The burger analogy gives me something to reference all year during writing. When I say, "Where's your bun?" or "Don't forget your toppings!", my students know exactly what to do!

This Resource Includes:

βœ” 1 PowerPoint Lesson Presentation (27 slides, includes practice opportunities) - This highly animated PowerPoint lesson explains the necessary parts of a paragraph (topic sentence, details, conclusion sentence) and their function by comparing a paragraph to a burger. The topic and conclusion sentence hold everything together the same way a bun holds a burger together. The details are the meat. Without these three components, you don't have a burger (or a paragraph). The presentation also shows students how to improve their burger (paragraph) by adding "toppings". These "toppings" include adding questions, statistics, analogies, dialogue, and personal examples.

βœ” 1 Student Notes Page - This page is perfect to place in their writer's notebook, and summarizes the key points in the presentation. There are parts for students to fill in during the presentation.

βœ” 2 Paragraph "Cut-out" activities - "Build a Paragraph", asks students to cut out and glue sentences in their correct order. One of these activities is in the presentation and meant to be done as a class. The second can be done independently.

βœ” 3 Paragraph Writing Practice Sheets (2 versions each) - On one version of this activity, students are asked to use the organizer to write a paragraph about the topic. The second version (optional) asks students to also include specific types of details that were taught in the presentation. Great for differentiation.

βœ” 3 Writing Details Practice Sheets - for students to practice writing specific types of details, or "toppings". (statistic, personal example, dialogue, analogy, and question).

βœ” 3 EDITABLE Templates so you can add your own topics/prompts to each type of activity included.

**ALL Included activities and lessons also come in Google Slides (DIGITAL)

What Teachers Are Saying...

"My students loved describing a yummy burger!  They were so surprised when we used their descriptors to connect to writing a paragraph.  This material was creative and engaging.  I will use this resource again."

~ Lindsey B.

"My students needed this product to help guide them with writing an amazing paragraph. Although in fourth grade the writing standard now focuses on them transitioning to writing full essays, it is still a challenge for them to write a thorough paragraph. Not anymore! Thank you!"

~ Eve R.

"When students begin their sixth-grade year, they really struggle with being able to write a coherent paragraph.  This resource has helped with that struggle.  I look forward to using it again and again.  Thank you."

~ David W.
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This Point of View and Perspective Resource has everything you need to teach, practice and assess Point of View and Perspective in Reading. This resource was created to align with the Common Core Language Arts Standards for 4th and 5th grade. It teaches the first-person point of view, as well as the third-person point of view. It also teaches about perspective and how the perspective being used in a story can change the way a story is told.

This Resource Includes:

βœ” A FULLY EDITABLE, 23 slide PowerPoint Presentation that FULLY teaches point of view and perspective! Throughout the presentation, students are given practice opportunities and activities to complete. Mentor texts are used in the PowerPoint for examples and practice. It also includes one slide with extension activities (5 possible extension activities to use after the presentation). You can use this presentation for your week's lessons! (Google Slides Version included)

βœ”1 Student Notes Page (digital and print)

βœ”2 pages of Student Practice (digital and print)

βœ”2 page Writing Activity (digital and print)

βœ”Point of View/Perspective Poster (2 versions)

βœ”15 Question Assessment (Short Answer & Multiple Choice) (Google Forms version included)

The PowerPoint is 100% editable! This means that you can add to it or change anything that doesn't fit your needs!

What Teachers Are Saying...

"Amazing resource!! It was the backbone of my unit. The PowerPoint was a HUGE help. It helped me structure my unit and helped the students be engaged in the lessons. Thank you so much!"

~ Sandra G.

"I love that this resource is easy to use and involved little to no prep on my side. The kids were engaged and they did enjoy learning about perspective. The kids really understood perspective after purchasing and using this resource."

~ Nidya R.

"This is an amazing resource that my students found to be engaging on all levels.  I thoroughly enjoy using your products with my class!"

~ Tichina J.
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This Inferencing Activity bundle is a complete pack of resources to help you teach your students how to make and defend inferences. This resource was created to align with the Common Core Standards for 4th and 5th grade Language Arts. They teach students what an inference is, and how to use their background knowledge and text clues to make an inference.

This Resource Includes...

βœ” One page of student notes/explanation. Can be added to any Reading Notebook! (digital version included)

βœ” 3 pages of practice opportunities which require students to make inferences and identify the clues from the text that helped them form their ideas (Fiction and Nonfiction; 4 total passages). (digital version included)

βœ” An answer key for the practice pages.

βœ” A graphic organizer students can use to make inferences while independently reading. (use with any text)

βœ” An Inference Game (includes a directions page, 24 cards, and game worksheet)

βœ” An Inference Test (3 pages, 15 questions, multiple choice & short answer) (digital version included with Google Forms)

βœ” An answer key for the test.

βœ” Inference Poster - color, and black & white version included.

βœ” An Inference LESSON PowerPoint - This 17 slide PowerPoint will allow you to work through the notes and practice-sheets as a class lesson, or review answers as students work through the passages. Not only will students have the print-out in front of them, they will also be able to view the PowerPoint as a whole class. (digital version included)

What Teachers Are Saying...

"Loved having a resource that was explicit about how to infer and gave guided practice stories. The students also loved the games."

~ Carrie M.

"This is what I use when we start our inferences skill. Great introduction and really gets them to understand the text evidence plus background knowledge idea."

~ Robyn B.

"My students loved using this resource. It is engaging. I also loved that there were inferencing reflections throughout the passage."

~ Tina M.
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Integrate science into your reading block with nonfiction and fiction grade-level passages and activities. 

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